Messy Ghost


If You love puzzle game play the Messy Ghost.
You will love it and You will enjoy the Messy Ghost!!
Messy Ghost is very simple and fun puzzle game.

Prankish ghosts are making a mess in the house.
Let’s try to chase away the messy ghosts.

How to Play
Messy Ghost is gravity-based puzzle game which has simple rule and control.
Ghosts fall down when rotate the screen. Match three or more ghosts of the same type in order to remove the ghosts.
As you progress through the levels, you’ll avoid or use various special blocks. For example, the skull is not removed, the spider web traps all blocks, the holy sphere can remove not only ghosts but also skulls, the invisible block appears only when the other blocks are nearby.
Clear the stages to various ways with the special Blocks.

– Simple, Easy, Addictive Puzzle game
– Cute, Funny Ghost characters and various stages
– Interruptive or Helpful varied special blocks
– Easy controls



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